Laboratório Geoespacial Livre – UFPR

About the Free Geospatial Laboratory


• Establish a Free Geospatial Laboratory, addressing the use of patterns, data and free software in E-learning environment.



• Establishment of partnerships.

• Creation of didactic material.

• Establishment of a distance learning platform.

• Internalization of the use of open source technologies in the disciplines offered by the Department.

• Media creation with full suite of free software.

• Multipliers formation.


Research team / Equipe de Pesquisa:

Prof. Dr. Claudia Robbi Sluter (

Prof. Dr. Luciene S. Delazari (

Prof. Dr. Maria Cecilia B. Brandalize (

Prof. Dr. Silvana Philippi Camboim (


Adriana Alexandria Machado (Master student UFPR 2015) –

Eduardo Silverio da Silva (Master student UFPR 2015) –

Giovani Fronza (Master student UFPR 2015) –

Raphael Gonçalves de Campos (Master student UFPR 2015) –

Kelly Cristina Ferri (Scientific researcher/Graduation student UFPR 2015) –

Jaqueline Alves Pisetta (Scientific researcher/Graduation student UFPR 2015) –



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