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Book translation – The world of maps

As part of the celebrations for the International Map Year, the International Cartographic Association published the Book “World of Maps”,

The goal of the International Map Year is to expand knowledge about cartography and geographical information among the general public and, mainly, for school-age children. The book has a broad vision and covers both the production and the use of maps and geographic data, in 144 pages of rich and updated content, ranging from historical concepts to the production of digital maps, with practical information, exercises and step-by-step tutorials. It was written by a renowned team of international experts and made available for free. For the translation to portuguese, a team of volunteers from various institutions and universities from all over the country was mobilized to make this valuable material available to the brazilian population and other portuguese speaking countries.

Soon, the content will be made available at:

You can download PDFs of chapters here:

Book – World of Maps – Organization and review of the translation to portuguese: Silvana Philippi Camboim

Preface – Georg Gartner, President of ICA – Translation: Andrea Lopes Iescheck (UFRGS) – Download prefácio
Prólogo – Working group of the International Map Year – Translation: Silvana Philippi Camboim (UFPR) – Download prólogo

Executive Summary

1 Cartography – Bengt Rystedt, Sweden – Translation: Antônio José Berutti Vieira (UFPR) – Download – Chapter 01

2 Use and Map Reading – Ferjan Ormeling, Holland – Translation: Marcio Schmidt (UFU) – Download – Chapter 02

3 Geographical Information – Bengt Rystedt, Sweden – Translation: Nelson Marisco (UFAL) – Download – Chapter 03

How to make maps

4 Cartographic Design – Vit Vozenilek, Czech Republic – Translation: Claudia Robbi Sluter (UFPR) – Download – Chapter 04

5 Topographic maps – Bengt Rystedt, Sweden – Translation: Maria Cecilia Brandalize (UFPR) – Download – Chapter 05

6 Thematic maps – Ferjan Ormeling, Holland – Translation: Edmilson Martinho Volpi (SEMA-SP) – Download – Chapter 06

7 AtlasFerjan Ormeling, Holland – Translation: Luciene Delazari (UFPR) – Download – Chapter 07

8 Geographical Names – Ferjan Ormeling, Holland – Translation: Paulo Menezes / Manoel Fernandes (UFRJ) – Download – Chapter 08

9 Cartographic Projections and Reference Systems- Miljenko Lapaine, Croatia and E. Lynn Usery, USA – Translation: Henrique Firkowski (UFPR) – Download – Chapter 09

How to use maps

10 Map use by the United Nations – United Nations contributions – Translation: Mônica Cristina de Castro (UFPR) – Download – Chapter 10

11 Projecting a route using a nautical chart – Michel Huet, Monaco – Translation: Carlos Aurélio Nadal (UFPR) – Download – Chapter 11

12 Guidance maps and Geocaching – Lazlo Zentai, Hungary – Translation: Rodrigo Augusto Quirino (Furnas) – Download – Chapter 12

How to showcase maps

13 Map printing – Bengt Rystedt, Sweden – Translation: Carlos Eduardo Ferreira / Rodrigo Batista Lobato (UERJ) Download – Chapter 13

14 Web and Mobile mapping – Michael P. Peterson, USA – Translation: José Augusto Sapienza Ramos (UERJ) – Download – Chapter 14

Geographical Information

15 Access and availability of geographic information – Aileen Buckley, USA and Bengt Rystedt, Sweden – Translation: Valéria Oliveira Henrique de Araújo (IBGE) –Download – Chapter 15

16 Volunteer Geographic Information – Serena Coetzee, South Africa – Translation: João Vitor Meza Bravo (UFPR) – Download – Chapter 16

Education and Additional Information

17 Cartographic Education – David Fairbairn, United Kingdom – Translation: Lucilene Antunes Correia Marques de Sá (UFPE) – Download – Chapter 17

18 Tactile Cartography – Alejandra Coll Escanilla,Chile and Jennifer Pinto Soto,Chile – Translation: Vivian de Oliveira Fernandes (UFBA) – Download – Chapter 18

19 Additional Information – Translation: Marília Minatel (UFPR) – Download – Chapter 19